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Ethos is

We support our associates and clients to navigate changing market environments so that they can achieve their long-term goals with confidence.

Ethos recognizes the importance of building a fairer economy and assisting in improving society as a whole.

2012 - 2014


Between 2012 and 2015, investors and investment funds sought out IHNCAM Advisory to “rent” our algorithm by placing the plugin into their brokerage accounts. With the profits they generated, they paid us a percentage value that was established as a priority. They assumed the volatility risks of trading operations.

2015 - 2017


Between 2015 and 2017, investors provide Capital Investment and Management Agreements with IHNCAM Advisory that allowed the resources to remain in our hands, owned by us. We invested directly in our brokerage accounts, leaving investors far less exposed to market volatility as we agreed with them a fixed return.

2018 - Present


After 2017, IHNC evolved into Ethos Asset Management which now trades exclusively with our own accumulated resources. Ethos is now comprised of seven investment companies, located in the USA, Brazil, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. Ethos foundation will be launched by the end of 2021, to manage Ethos grants and philanthropic operations.

A Unique Financing Model

Multiple financing programs diversify Ethos' capital portfolio.

The Origin Story

Source of Funds

Using its own capital, Ethos buys and sells Fixed Income Assets and Securities through brokerage accounts (sub-accounts in Numis and Oanda) in International Investment Banks such as HSBC, Barclays, or Credit Suisse.

Ethos utilizes its proprietary algorithm, which manoeuvres and alerts in line with ‘enter and exit positions’ in the commodities, currency, bonds, futures, and shares markets, both in domestic and international markets. Using a risk modulated aggressive strategy, we spread and accumulate profit through compounding.

The assets generated are sourced from banks which means the nature of the source of funds is totally transparent because the analysis of these funds has already been done by the brokerage institutions and banks with whom we execute these transactions.

At the same time, our Fixed Income Assets and Securities clients mainly consist of pension funds from the USA and Australia. These entities are highly regulated via their Governments and National Authorities. As a result, we have the complete conviction and certification that our profits are constituted by clear, traceable funds.

Streamlined for Effectiveness

Funding Approval Process

The Process

Project approval and underwriting processes are streamlined to facilitate participation even by entities that do not have access to sophisticated technical resources.

Step 1

Entity Seeking Financing submits a Letter of Intent, a Statement of Guarantee, a Proof of Funds, a Business Plan and a Project Plan explaining objectives, beneficiaries, and how resources will be spent.

Step 2

The project is reviewed and analyzed by the Credit and Risk Department utilizing an Econometric Model with 37 variables, including, geography, sectorial, macroeconomics, financial, security, management and environmental impact. Pre-Approval by Ethos is issued within 5 business days.

Step 3

The Entity Seeking Financing submits the additional client-specific information that allows the Legal and Compliance Department to onboard the Client.

Step 4

With the onboarding of the Client and the underwriting concluded, Financing Agreement is issued and signed.

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Questions And Answers

The Economic Crisis Financing was established by Ethos with special terms to assist companies and governments with needed financing during the COVID outbreak. 

The terms of the offered financings change periodically – post-crisis is not germane to this financing. If you were to come for another financing later in the year it is possible that the terms of new financing may be different than those that are offered today.

Ethos Asset Management has funds from the Purchase and Sale of Fixed Income Assets and Securities. We buy fixed-income assets and bonds directly from top-tier banks in the USA and Europe and sell to pension funds, mutual funds, and foundations.


By establishing a project, Ethos, uses, amongst other strategies, the Ethos proprietary algorithm and technology, which maneuvers and alerts in line with ‘enter and exit positions’ in the commodities, currency, bonds, futures, and shares markets, both in domestic and international markets, abroad. Using a safe and aggressive strategy, we spread and accumulate profit through compounding.

Ethos never raises capital from outside sources or invests to raise capital to fund projects, it always draws on its dry powder to fund. In turn, the capital invested in the project and Ethos’s liquidity position is constantly refreshed by its trading activities.