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Project Financing

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Global Economy Stimulation

Ethos finances government and private projects in all sectors of the economy.

Ethos offers highly competitive interest rates and other bold financing terms.

Three Innovative Financing Models

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Classic Financing

In place since 2012 and applies to all financing operations, independent of geography and sector. This facility applies to all non-crisis financing opportunities.


Crisis Financing

Designed to address national and local crisis, as well as economic crisis impacting industries due to disruptions in their production processes, such as supply chain breaks, primarily due to a crisis, and companies broadly affected by crisis-related economic adversities.



Starts as interest-free financing but converts into a grant if the nonprofit entity fulfills its commitment to using proceeds of the financing on valid project expenditures. Ethos Group has allocated USD $1.42 Billion for PFF in 2020/21 and has pledged to set aside at least 8% of annual profits for PFF operations in future years.

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Ethos’ unique model is designed to benefit both sides of the table. The project gets the needed funding at highly favourable terms and Ethos diversifies its portfolio and continues to grow.