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Carlos Santos

Mr. Carlos Santos, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ethos Asset Management, is actively involved in acquiring and structuring three investment funds. He is directly involved in four business areas of the companies: resource mobilization, project financing, wealth management, and commodities trading.

Mr. Santos holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, three Master’s degrees in Finance, Banking Accounting and International Taxation, and a Ph.D. developer in Financial Instruments. As a reflection of his academic and professional excellence, he received the Ernst & Young Award: Best Economist (2016) and Banco de Portugal Award (2015).

Ethos Board of Directors

Thabo Motea

Chief Financial Officer

His Excellency Dr. Michael A Steele, Esq., CDKA, D.D.,

Non-Executive Director

Mayra Fonseca Couto

Executive Director, South America

Pya Cope

Non-Executive Director

Ethos Leadership

Dr. Uwe Biermann

Head of Trading

Leandro Fernandes

Head of Legal & Compliance

Ricardo Trindade

Head of Credit & Risk

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